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Alphabiotics is a Unique Process That Deals With

Stress Relief / Recovery / Life Enhancement!


The Alignment process is a very gentle and quick process. It is a high level non-threatening sensory input into the brain, a way to communicate to the brain in away it understands.

Stress Relief

Alphabiotics goes beyond symptom relief to correction of the primary, internal cause of symptoms.  A stressed, off balance body is obvious, and that physical distortion is measurable.


There is the typical high-hip/short-leg, defensive stress-crouch that says the body is ready for fight or flight or is in a state of chronic vigilance. This distorted posture indicates the person is in a survival mode, ever on-guard for danger.

Rowdy Koenig – Developmental Alphabioticist

As a Developmental Alphabioticist, I am here to offer information and assistance to those interested in taking a proactive stance against the weakening effects of persistent physical, chemical, mental, spiritual, and emotional chronic stress.  My role is not to tell you what to believe, to think, or to do, but rather, is to assist you on your own journey towards reducing the chronic stress in your life, maximizing your wellbeing, and harnessing your full potential.


A study, conducted by the National Association for Stress Research and Education, involving 1,403 adults, revealed they were overly tense, bilaterally weak, and mechanically off balance, Indicating an unrelieved stress state. This inappropriate/damaging stress state was found to exist throughout most of each person’s waking day. The acknowledged father of stress research, Dr. Hans Selye, has demonstrated that unrelieved stress an underlying cause-factor in all of our life challenges. He defined stress as a non-specific response to certain external and internal demands, i.e. trauma, shock, the accumulative effects of situations with high emotional content and pain, rapid change, perceived danger, Information overload, lack of control, etc. Persistent stress leads to unrelieved stress.

Relief effort for Hurricane Harvey was supported by Alphabiotics. Rowdy worked with the first responders, the EOC, the city council, and city judge at Aransas Pass, Texas. Watch the video testimony from Fire Chief William Cox. Alphabiotics enhanced everyone’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It allowed them to work more efficiently and for longer hours. It, also, helped to boost the morale of those directly involved in rescue and cleanup. (pictured right) Rowdy and some of the Aransas Pass first responders.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and offered to help those affected by the Harvey. Also, a special shout out to the group from Austin, Texas, who I had the pleasure of going with to the coast.
— -Rowdy Koenig

What Our Customers are Saying

“A personal account of how alphabiotics helps with stress, tension and other stress related issues we face in todays fast paced society. Its a program that not only helps with stress recovery, it is also life enhancement care.”

Dr. Simon - Neuro Radiologist


The response of the brain to pain and fear is to deactivate the body’s healing mechanisms, but to prepare the body to meet some perceived threat to activate a stress response. This impedes healing. The brain is preparing for action, not healing. A major objective of Alphabiotics is stress release and stress recovery. This, along with a positive lifestyle, allows the body’s natural self-correcting mechanism to be activated.



Building muscle by lifting weights and neglecting nutrition is like building a house on a cracked foundation. We will customize a plan to get you the most from your workouts, and building fat-burning muscle faster. Post-workout recovery is vital for a toned body, and supplements are used to push your body to the next level.


One of the least known causes of modern ailments. Lab tests help us to pinpoint your allergies and whether it is gluten, soy, dairy or a number of other common allergies, we can start you on an elimination diet to rid your system of the symptoms caused by the allergens. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are also used to heal the gut and jump start your digestive systems.


Most people’s bodies are extremely acidic (due to our modern, often toxic diet) which creates inflammation, weight gain, low energy and disease. In fact, cancer only thrives in an acidic environment. A ph level of 7.4 is vital for overall health. Saliva testing in the office give us an immediate result of your levels and is a starting point to design a nutrition plan to bring your blood back to a level of sound alkalinity